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George Strong                           1848-
George was born about 1848, the son of George Strong and Agnes Fergusson, at Sunderland, County Durham.
Jane Ann Potts              
I have no information on Jane.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of Parents
George Strong b: abt 1848  c: 17 Dec 1848       Bishopwearmouth       1848 4Q Sunderland 24 304
son of George Strong and Agnes Fergusson

Jane Ann Potts No Data        

abt 1868
George Strong
Jane Ann Potts
      1865 4Q Sunderland 10a 538

1871 Census RG10-4999 3 April 1871 Bishopwearmouth, County Durham
5 Alexander Terrace
George Strong
Agnes (Wife)
George (M)
Robert F (s)
Jane (s)
Mary A.
Age 50
Age 55
Age 22
Age 20
Age 17
Age 13
Timber Merchant

House Builder
Merchant's Clerk


abt 1820
18 Apr 1816
abt 1848
abt 1850
abt 1853
abt 1858

abt 1874
George Strong
Catherine Turnbull
      1874 1Q South Shields 10a 980

Dailey Gazette, Middlesbrough, 27 March, 1874
  To-day, George Strong, barman, belonging to Sunderland, was brought before the South Shields magistrates, charged with bigamy, he having married Mrs Turnbull, proprietress of a spirit bar at Mill Darn, South Shields, his former wife being alive in Sunderland.   It appears that the prisoner while in the employment of Mrs Turnbull as barman, had made an offer of marriage to her, which was accepted, and they were accordingly married.   It was afterwards discovered he had already been married.   The magistrates committed him for trial.

Dailey Gazette, Shields, 10 July, 1874
  George Strong, a young man who has been acting as barman, was indicted for bigamy, by marrying at South Shields, Catherine Turnbull, a widow, his former wife, whom he married at Monkwearmouth in 1868, being then alive.
  Mr Edge prosecuted.
  Mr Wilkinson, who defended, said he was instructed to say that Mrs Turnbull knew that the prisoner was married when the ceremony was gone through at the register office, South Shields.
  His Lordship remarked that that made no difference in the eye of the law.   He would like to know whether the proceedings were taken at the instance of the first wife.   Mr Wilkinson said he was instructed to say that the proceedings had been instituted by her brother, and at the instance of his wife.
  His lordship then asked whether the second wife was aware of the first marriage.
  Detective Patterson, who took prisoner into custody, in reply to his Lordship, stated that the proceedings were taken at the instance of the first wife's brother.   The second wife was living with the prisoner at the time he was apprehended, and from what could be learned, the prisoner left his first wife in Manchester.
  The prisoner: Oh, my Lord, she left me.   All I can say is that I never represented myself as being unmarried.   I saw her from the time she left me until the time I saw her at the Shields Police Court; that would be six years.
  His Lordship said the inference he drew from the case that Catherine Turnbull must have been aware to some extent of his state at the time he was married.   His conduct in regard to her was not so heartless as sometimes happened in such cases, but still he had been found guilty of an offense against public decency, and he must therefore be sentenced to two months imprisonment.
  The prisoner: Thank you, my lord.

Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette, 12 Jan 1878
THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869 In the County Court of Durham, holden at Sunderland

In the matter of a special resolution for liquidation by arrangement of the affairs of George Strong, residing at No 15, Grace -terrace, Bishopwearmouth, in the Borough of Sunderland, in the County of Durham, carrying on business under the style or firm of George Strong and Company as Timber Merchant, Builder, and Contractor, at Deptford in the Borough of Sunderland aforesaid.
  The creditors of the above named George Strong, who have not already proved their debts, are required on or before the 12th day of January, 1878, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to me, the undersigned, Henry Rawlings, of No 59, John-street, Sunderland, accountant, the trustee under the liquidation, or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of the divided proposed to be declared.
Dated this 5th day of January 1878 HENRY RAWLINGS, Trustee

Sunderland Dailey Echo & Shipping Gazette, 18 Jan 1878
          Sunderland Bankruptcy Court, Yesterday
  In Re George Strong, timber merchant. This was a motion to obtain possession of a house in the occupation of the bankrupt in Grace-terrace. Mr. Blakey appeared for the owner of the house; Mr. Ritson for the debtor. The motion was adjourned, to allow of copies of certain affidavits being obtained.
Sunderland Daily Echo, Friday, 22 Feb 1878

  Re GEORGE STRONG, timber merchant.---
In the matter of proceedings for liquidation by arrangement or composition with creditors instituted by George Strong, residing at 15, Grace-terrace, Bishopwearmouth, carrying on business under the style of George Strong and Co., timber merchants, builders, and contractors, at Deptford, Mr. Blackwell, barrister, instructed by Mr. G. H. Blakey, moved on behalf of Mrs. Eliza Davison, widow, for an order for the delivery up of possession by the debtor of the house, 15, Grace-terrace, the same being her property.
  Mr. T. W. Graham represented the trustee of the estate, Mr. Rawlings.   The motion was resisted, on behalf of the bankrupt, by Mr. Ritson, who maintained that Mrs. Davison was not the person to make the application, she having sold her interest in the house to Mr. T. E. Hall, who had re-sold it to Mr. Strong, the payment to be made in timber, which timber had been duly supplied..
  The Judge held that the house had been sold in equity to Mr. Hall, and Mr. Hall had sold it to the bankrupt, and that the debtor was at present entitled to the house, Mr. Hall having been paid by timber, and he dismissed the motion with costs.

George Strong No Data      

Jane Ann (Potts) Strong No Data