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George Savage Curtis                           1801-1854                     (1st Husband)
George was born on 11 February 1801, the only child of Liscombe John Curtis, Esq., and Anne Marie Savage, at Islington, London.   He was Justice of the Peace, and Deputy Lieutenant of Devon.   He resided at East Cliffe House, Teignmouth, Devon.
Emma Curtis                                        1808-1897
Emma was born about 1808, the daughter of William Curtis and Mary Jane Lear in London.
I have identified the following children.
  Selina Emma Born 17 Aug 1827   London  
Susan Born abt 1828   Teignmouth, Devon  
Ellen Born abt 1830   Teignmouth, Devon  
Amelia Charlotte No Date   Teignmouth, Devon Died in Infancy
Charlotte Born abt 1833   Teignmouth, Devon  
Francis George Savage Born 8 Jul 1836   Teignmouth, Devon  

Birth of Parents
George Savage Curtis b: 11 Feb 1801         Islington, London
only child of Liscombe John Curtis, Esq., and Anne Marie Savage

Emma Curtis b: abt 1808  c: 9 May 1808             Weld Chapel, Southgate, London
daughter of William Curtis and Mary Ann Lear

31 Aug 1826
George Savage Curtis
Emma Curtis
All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex
Bachelor, of St Mary Le Bone Parish
Spinster, of this parish
by License, with consent of parents, by G. H. Curtis
Wit: Wm Curtis, J.A. Curtis, H. Curtis, S.J. Curtis, C.B. Curtis, T. Curtis

Selina Emma Curtis b: 17 Aug 1827  c: 5 Oct 1827             Saint Mary, Saint Marylebone, London
daughter of George George and Emma Curtis, Whitechapel
Susan Curtis b: abt 1828               Teignmouth, Devon
daughter of George Savage Curtis and Emma Curtis
Ellen Curtis b: abt 1830               Teignmouth, Devon
daughter of George Savage Savage Curtis and Emma Curtis
Amelia Charlotte Curtis No Date               Teignmouth, Devon
daughter of George Savage Curtis and Emma Curtis     Died in Infancy
Charlotte Curtis b: abt 1833               Teignmouth, Devon
daughter of George Savage Curtis and Emma Curtis
Francis George Savage Curtis b: 8 Jul 1836               Teignmouth, Devon
son of George Savage Curtis and Emma Curtis

1841 Census HO107-220
7 June 1841 East Teignmouth, Devon
East Cliffe House     Born in this County?    
George S. Curtis
Francis G. S.
Plus 11 Servants
Age 40
Age 30
Age 13
Age 12
Age 10
Age 7
Age 4
Independant No
  11 Feb 1801
abt 1808
abt 1827
abt 1828
abt 1830
abt 1833
8 Jul 1836

This Marriage came to an end, presumably by a Divorce.

1851 Census HO107-1487 31 March 1851 Cavendish Square, St Marylebone, Middlesex
New Cavendish
Anna M. Curtis (Widow)
George S. (Son)
Francis G. S. (GrSon)
Plus 5 Servants
Age 76
Age 50
Age 14

J. P. and Dep. Lieut. for Devon
Brit. Subj.

abt 1774
11 Feb 1801
8 Jul 1836

1851 Census HO107-1870 31 March 1851 East Teignmouth, Devon
Dawlish Road
Ellen Curtis (M)
Mary Swete (Visitor)
Plus 6 Servants
Age 41
Age 23
Age 18
Age 17
Age 56
House Propritor Teignmouth

abt 1809
abt 1827
abt 1832
abt 1833
abt 1794

George Savage Curtis Died abt 1854,       1854 1Q Newton Abbot 5b 90

William Winthrop Andrews                             -1869           (2nd Husband)
William was born the third son of James Andrews and Sarah Winthrop, in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother Sarah was born on 17 October 1779, the daughter of John Winthrop and Sally Phillips. She married James Andrews in 1798, and she died on 12 November 1862.
  William was entered at Brown University, but graduated from Union College.   A few years later he received the appointment of consul at Trieste, where he remained several years.   He next occupied the post of consul-general at Tunis, and was subsequently sent to Malta, where he passed the residue of his life, being constantly at his post from the year 1834 to the period of his death, with the exception of two brief visits to his home, and, as the Malta Gazzette says, "Ably, zealously and honorably discharging the duties to himself and honor to the government."

There were no children of the marriage.

Birth of New Husband
William Winthrop Andrews No Date         Boston, Massachusetts
3rd son of James Andrews and Sarah Winthrop

William dropped use of the paternal name Andrews using the name Winthrop for his surname.

7 Sep 1848
William Winthrop
Emma Curtis
St. Paul's Church, Malta

The Times, Friday, Sep 22, 1848                         MARRIAGES
  At St. Paul's Church, Malta, on the 7th Inst., by the Rev. Mr. Cleugh, William Winthrop, Esq., United States Consul, to Emma, daughter of the late Sir William Curtis, Bart

William Winthrop Died 3 Jul 1869       Valetta, Malta

The Times, Friday, Jul 23, 1869                                   DEATHS
  On the 3rd July, at Valetta, Malta, William Winthrop, Esq., Consul for the United States of America.

Emma (Curtis) Winthrop Died 19 Jan 1897