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Thomas Edward Graham                     1908-1964 Thomas was born 7 March 1908 at 1 Grant Street, Horden. Tom worked at the Horden Colliery as a driver, and in 1937 became the colliery ambulance driver. He remained thus employed until 1947, and lived in the ambulance house. He then went back to being a driver and auto mechanic in the colliery garage until his death in 1964. He died of a heart attack and was cremated at Hartlepool.
Thomas married Jane "Jennie" Anderson Carling.

Jane Anderson Carling                       1913-2006 Jane was born on 29 June 1913 in Blackhall Colliery.
They had the following children:
  Thomas Graham
June Born 16 Jun 1937   Horden Colliery Married Alexander William Fisher
(A Girl) (Still Living)   Horden Colliery  
Birth of Parents
Thomas Edward Graham b: 7 Mar 1908 Horden Colliery             1908 2Q Easington 10a 534
son of William Graham and Jane Harrison

Jane Anderson Carling b: 29 June 1913 Blackhall Colliery             1913 3Q Easington 10a 999
daughter of James Carling and Hannah Anderson

25 Jul 1936
Thomas Edward Graham
Jane "Jenny" Anderson Carling
            1936 3Q Easington 10a 1096

June Graham b: 16 Jun 1937               Horden Colliery             1937 2Q Easington 10a 634
daughter of Thomas Edward Graham and Jane "Jenny" Anderson Carling
(Girl) Graham (Still Living)               Horden Colliery
daughter of Thomas Edward Graham and Jane "Jenny" Anderson Carling

Thomas Edward Graham Died 2 Sep 1964, Age 56,             1964 3Q Durham East 1a 321

DURHAM   2 Feb 1965                         Probate
GRAHAM, Thomas Edward - of 5 Gordon Avenue, Horden, Peterlee, county Durham, died 2 September 1964, Administration Durham 2 February, to Jane Anderson Graham, widow.   Effects £1,912

Jane Anderson (Carling) Graham Died 7 Apr 2006,