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Frederick Dodds           1924-2012
Frederick was born on 18 August 1924, the son of Frederick Lowes Dodds and Lillian Wilson, in Monkwearmouth. He started work at British Ropes on 14 June 1940, and remained there until it closed, missing only 6 days work through illness. He had married Doris Watson in 1946. At the time of his Mothers death in 1964, he lived with his wife Doris, and children  at  3  Ripon  Street,  Roker,  this  house  had  a  small   General Dealers attached to it which Doris ran while Fred continued his job as a Fitter at British ropes. Following the closure of British Works in 1977, he moved to Durham, where he worked at Mullards, doing the same type of work, until he retired at the age of 65. This move also brought them nearer to their Daughter, who had moved out to West Rainton 3 years previous.
Doris Watson                1925-2014
Doris was born on 25 March 1925, the eldest of six children of Walter Watson and Mary Bean, at Deptford, Sunderland. She left home 2 weeks before she married Fred Dodds and lived at a friends house, (2 Church Street, Southwick, the house that she was married from). At the age of 20 (3 months after her birthday) Doris had an accident at British Ropes, (She had been sent to work in the factory for the war effort) where her hand was nearly cut in half. Her parents demanded that she hand over any compensation that she received. This demand by her parents was one of the reasons that made her leave home, although she did give them some of the money, the balance did help them with the deposit for their first house, at   43 Bright Street, Roker, Sunderland. Between the time of getting the house and their marriage they lived with Fred's mother at 58 Roker Ave, Roker, Sunderland. Their association with her family was always strained from that day on. Doris and Fred worked very hard together and eventually opened a small General Dealers (in 1963) at 3 Ripon Street, Roker. The shop was part of a 3 bedroom, end Terraced house. Shortly after the birth of their Second child Fredrick, she became very ill with TB resulting in the removal of one of her Lungs, this illness stopped them from having more children, as they had planned to have a total of four.
I have identified the following children:
Linda Born 12 May 1947   Sunderland Married Albert Richmond Jones
Frederick 1 May 1950   Sunderland

Birth of Parents
Frederick Dodds b: 18 Aug 1924           Monkwearmouth, County Durham       1924 3Q Sunderland 10a 1400
son of Frederick Lowes Dodds and Lillian Wilson, 17 Thomas Street North, Monkwearmouth

Doris Watson b: 25 Mar 1925           Sunderland, County Durham       1925 2Q Sunderland 10a 1384
daughter of Walter Watson and Mary Bean, 1 Kendal Street, Deptford

26 Mar 1946
Frederick Dodds (21)
Doris Watson (21)
All Saints Church, Monkwearmouth       1946 1Q Sunderland 10a 1471
bachelor, Fitter, 58 Roker Ave., Father: Frederick Lowes Dodds, Carpenter
spinster, 2 Church Street, Southwick, Father: Walter Watson
Witnesses: William Cochrane, Edna Wilson
Best Man: William (Billie) Cochran, Maid of Honor: Joyce Hepple

Linda Dodds b: 12 May 1947           Sunderland, County Durham       1947 2Q Sunderland 1a 1863
daughter of Frederick Dodds and Doris Watson, 58 Roker Ave., Sunderland
Frederick Dodds b: 1 May 1950           Sunderland, County Durham       1950 2Q Sunderland 1a 1489
daughter of Frederick Dodds and Doris Watson, 43 Bright Street, Sunderland

Frederick Dodds Died 1 Dec 2012

Doris (Watson) Dodds Died 2 Jan 2014

SPECIAL THANKS  to Albert Richmond Jones for the details provided above.