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Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword     1881-1954
Donald was born about 1881, the son of Alexander Bruce Dennistoun Sword and Amy Gow, at Hanley, Staffordshire.

Eileen Edith Caledon Alexander               1888-1975           (1st Wife)
Eileen was born on 18 May 1888, the daughter of Sir William Ferdinand Alexander, 5th Bt., and Edith La Fargue, at Ramsgate, Kent.
I have identified one child, another did not survive.
  Roderick William Born 28 Sep 1909   Sunninghill Married Pamela Rachel Palles Rydon,
Iris Angela Ernst,
Jean Stephens

Birth of Parents
Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword b: abt 1881         Hanley, Staffordshire       1881 1Q Stoke upon Trent 6b 210
son of Alexander Bruce Dennistoun Sword and Amy Gow

Eileen Edith Caledon Alexander b: abt 1888         Ramsgate, Kent       1888 2Q Thanet 2a 929
daughter of Sir William Ferdinand Alexander and Edith La Fargue

8 Dec 1908
Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword
Eileen Edith Caledon Alexander
St Peter's, Eaton-Square       1908 4Q St George Hanover Square 1a 951

The Times, Friday, Dec 11, 1908                         MARRIAGES
Mr. Dennistoun Sword and Miss Alexander

  Mr. Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword, Scottish Rifles, Son of the late Mr. Alexander Dennistoun Sword and Mrs. Dennistoun Sword, of Endon-hall, Staffordshire, and Miss Eileen Edith Caledon Alexander, daughter of the late Sir William Alexander and Lady Alexander, were married on the 8th inst. at St Peter's, Eaton-Square.   The ceremony was performed by the Bishop of Kensington, assisted by Prebendary Storrs, the Rev. F. W. Thurlow, stepfather of the bride, and the Rev. A. Whitaker, brother-in-law of the bridegroom.   The bridesmaids were Miss Noorony Cable, Miss Mabel Brookes, Miss Winifred
McMurdo, Miss Thompson, Miss V. Grabham, and the Misses Enid and Dora Soarnes.   The four elder ones wore dresses of pale pink silk, with large pink satin hats, adorned with pink carnations, and the three younger ones wore frocks of soft white satin and lace caps.   The bride was given away by her brother, Sir Lionel Alexander, Grenadier-Guards.   She wore a dress of oyster white satin draped with old lace, and she also wore an old lace veil over a coronet of Orange flowers in her hair.   Captain Dennistoun Sword, North Staffordshire Regiment, acted as best man.   After the reception at the Caxton-Hall, which was largely attended, Mr. and Mrs. Sword left for Derbyshire, where they are spending their honeymoon

Roderick William Dennistoun Sword b: 28 Sep 1909               1909 4Q Windsor 2c 419
son of Lt.-Col. Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword and Eileen Edith Caledon Alexander.

1911 Census RG14-(88) 3 April 1911 Chingford, Essex
12 The Drive   (8 Rooms)
Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword
Eileen Edith (Wife)
Roderick William
Plus 2 Servants
Age 30
Age 22
Age 1
Capt. Army Infantry Shelton
abt 1881
18 May 1888
28 Sep 1909

The Marriage ended in a Divorce in 1918
Eileen married, secondly, Lt.-Col. Clifford Cyril Scott in 1919.

Eileen Edith Caledon (Sword) Scott Died abt 1975       1975 2Q Tavistock 21 2198

Elsie Steuart Sword                             1894-1970                         (2nd Wife)
Elsie was born 16 November 1894, the daughter of Frederick Steuart Sword and Catherine Brash (?), in Santa Fe, Argentina..
I have identified the following children.
Jean C. D. Born 3 Sep 1929   London  
Birth of New Wife
Elsie Steuart Sword b: 16 Nov 1894         Santa Fe, Argentina
daughter of Frederick Steuart Sword and Catherine Brash (?)

12 Sep 1928
Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword
Elsie Steuart Sword
Holy Trinity, Brompton

The Times, Saturday, Sep 15, 1928                         Marriages
  SWORD : SWORD - On Sept. 12, 1928, at Holy Trinity, Brompton, by the Revd. H. S. Sard, Lieutenant-Colonel Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword, D.S.O., to Elsie Steuart, daughter of the late Mr. F. S. Sword, of 1A, Queen's-gate S.W., and the late Mrs. Sword.

Jean Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword b: 3 Sep 1929               London       1929 4Q Wandsworth 1d 876
daughter of Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword and Elsie Steuart Sword

The Times, Wednesday, Sep 11, 1929                         Births
  SWORD - On Sept. 8,1929, at The Terrace House, Roehampton Vale, to Elsie, wife of Lieut.-Colonel D. C. D. Sword, D.S.O., -a daughter.

Lt.-Col. Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun Sword D.S.O. Died 11 May 1954, Age 73,       1954 2Q Wells 7c 215

GLOUCESTER   29 Jul 1954                         Probate
SWORD, Donald Cuthbertson Dennistoun D.S.O., of Alshilla Cottage, Westcombe, Somersetshire, died 11 May 1954, at The Mendip Hospital, Wells, Somersetshire, Probate, Gloucester, 29 July, to Elsie Stewart Sword, widow, and Roderick William Dennistoun Sword M.C. major H.M. army.   Effects £1,343 9s. 5d.

Elsie Steuart (Sword) Sword Died 12 Nov 1970, Age 74

The Times, Wednesday, Nov 18, 1970                         Death
SWORD, - On November 12, 1970, suddenly, in the Argentine, Elsie Steuart Dennistoun, widow of lieutenant Colonel Donald C. Dennistoun Sword, D.S.O., beloved mother of Jean, darling grannie of Morten, and devoted sister of Gladys, Irma, Eric and Roly.