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Daniel Gibson                                         1865-1907
Daniel was born about 1865, the son of John Gibson and Anne Hutchinson, at Bassingthorp, Lincolnshire.
Mary Emily Wordsworth Harrison       1870-1916
Mary was born about 1870, the daughter of Wordsworth Harrison and Charlotte Emily Bartlett, at Ulverston, Lancashire. She has a twin brother.
I have identified the following children.
Guy Wordsworth Born abt 1899   Windemere, Westmorland Married Betty Doxford
Geoffrey Daniel Born abt 1902   Windemere, Westmorland  
Birth of Parents
Daniel Gibson b: abt 1865         Bassingthorp, Lincolnshire     1865 4Q Grantham 7a 385
son of John Gibson and Anne Hutchinson

Mary Emily Wordsworth Harrison b: abt 1870         Ulverston, Lancashire
daughter of Wordsworth Harrison and Charlotte Emily Bartlett

abt 1896
Daniel Gibson
Mary Emily Wordsworth Harrison
    1896 4Q Kendal 10b 1261

Guy Wordsworth Gibson b: abt 1899               Windemere, Westmorland     1899 4Q Kendal 10b 748
son of Daniel Gibson and Mary Emily Wordsworth Harrison

1901 Census RG13-4907 1 April 1901 Bowness on W, Westmorland
Marley Lodge
Daniel Gibson
Mary E. W. (Wife)
Guy W.
Age 35
Age 31
Age 1
Architect Bassenthorp
abt 1865
abt 1870
abt 1899

Geoffrey Daniel Gibson b: abt 1902               Windemere, Westmorland     1902 3Q Kendal 10b 780
son of Daniel Gibson and Mary Emily Wordsworth Harrison

Daniel Gibson Died 19 Jun 1907, Age 41,       1907 2Q Kendal 10b 443

LONDON   9 Sep 1907                         Probate
GIBSON, Dan, of Windermere, Westmoreland, died 19 June 1907, Administration London, 9 September, to Mary Emily Wordsworth Gibson, widow.   Effects £942 4s. 9d.

1911 Census RG14-(24) 3 April 1911 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
2 Park Place   (8 Rooms)
Mary Emily Wordsworth Gibson (widow)
Guy Wordsworth (Son))
Geoffrey Daniel (Son)
Plus 1 Servant
Age 41
Age 11
Age 8
Private Means Ulverston
abt 1870
abt 1899
abt 1902

Mary Emily Wordsworth (Harrison) Gibson Died 3 Mar 1916, Age 45,       1916 1Q Cheltenham 6a 598

LONDON   27 May 1916                         Probate
GIBSON, Mary Emily Wordsworth, of 27 Park-place, Cheltenham, widow, died 3 March 1916, Administration (limited) London, 27 May, to John Hutchinson Gibson, Medical practitioner.   Efects £618 2s.