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Clemens Ernst Bernhard Büttner       1834-1897
Clemens was born on 20 February 1834, the son of Wilhelm Anton Büttner and Ernestine Stoltze, at Celle, Hanover, Germany. He was a Royal Medical Officer of the 1st Hanseaten Military Regiment No. 75

The image is of an ink and pencil drawing, done and signed by Carl Haag and the writing on the back is his. It's a beautiful drawing. The notes list (in German) the impressive line of decorations he is wearing. These include the Iron Cross,

Heloise von Beanlien              
I have no information on Heliose.
I have not identified any children.

Birth of Parents
Clemens Ernst Bernhard Büttner b: 20 Feb 1834         Celle, Hanover, Germany

Heloise von Beanlien No Data        

No Date
Clemens Ernst Bernhard Büttner
Heloise von Beanlien

Clemens Ernst Bernhard Büttner Died 4 Feb 1897>

Heloise (von Beanlien) Büttner No Data