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Sir Charles Wyndham, Kt                    1837-1919
Charles was born on 23 March 1837, Charles Culverwell, the son of Major Richard Culverwell and Jane Lloyd. His father wanted him to become a medical doctor, but Charles really had a talent and a desire to go into the theatre, He did follow his fathers wishes, and become a doctor, but ended up making the theatre his life's profession. Having obtained his doctors degree just as the American Civil War started, he did sail to American and became a Military Surgeon with the Federal Army. The details of his very interesting life are well laid out in his lengthy obituary (see below), so they will not be repeated here.
Charles first married Emma Silberrad in 1860. They separated in 1897, and after her death in 1916, he remarried, taking the actress Mary Moore. He first used the stage name Wyndham on 30 November 1860 at the Royalty Theatre in Soho.

(1st Wife)
Emma Silberrad                                   1834-1916
Emma was born 23 September 1834, the daughter of Richard Silberrad and Sarah Ann Stanes, at St George, Camberwell, London. Granddaughter of Baron Silberrad.
I have identified the following children.
  Minnie Blanche Born abt 1861   London Married George Spencer Bower
Howard James Born 4 Apr 1865   London Married Minnie Humphreys

Birth of Parents
Charles Wyndham b: 23 Mar 1837  c:18 Jul 1837       St Peters, Liverpool, Lancashire
son of Major Richard Culverwell and Jane Lloyd, 19 Tithebarn Street

Emma Silberrad b: 23 Sep 1834  c: 15 Oct 1834             St George, Camberwell, London
daughter of Richard Silberrad and Sarah Ann Stanes, 20 Alfred Street

21 Jun 1860
Charles Wyndham
Emma Silberrad
St. Matthew's, Brixton                     1860 2Q Lambeth 1d 349
23, Bachelor, Physician, St Clement Fanes, Father: Major Richard Culverwell
23, Spinster, Brixton, Richard Silberrad, Merchant

1861 Census RG9-65 8 April 1861 Golden Square, Westminster St James, Middlesex
3 Great Marlborough Street
Charles Culverwell
Emma (Wife)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 24
Age 24
Medical Practicianer Liverpool
23 Mar 1837
23 Sep 1834

Minnie Blanche Culverwell b: abt 1861               London       1861 4Q St James 1a 359
daughter of Charles Wyndham and Emma Silberrad
Howard James Culverwell b: 4 Apr 1865               London       1865 2Q Strand 1b 518
son of Charles Wyndham and Emma Silberrad

1871 Census RG10-1333 3 April 1871 Finchley, Middlesex
Derwent House, Church End
Minnie Wyndham (Pupil) Age 9 Scholar London Middlesex abt 1861

1881 Census RG11-65 4 April 1881 Marylebone, London
45 Finchley Road
Charles Wyndham
Emma (Wife)
George Giddens (Visitor)(W)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 43
Age 42
Age 19
Age 35

23 Mar 1837
23 Sep 1834
abt 1861
abt 1835

Charles and Emma separated in 1897.

1901 Census RG13-1027 1 April 1901 Sandown, Hampshire
Ocean Hotel, High Street
Charles Wyndham (Visitor)(M)
Bronson Albery (Visitor)
Age 63
Age 20
Actor Liverpool
23 Mar 1837
6 Mar 1881

Lady Emma (Silberrad) Wyndham Died 12 Jan 1916, Age 79,       1916 1Q St Geo Hanover Sq 1a 554

The Times, Thursday, Jan 13, 1916                         DEATHS
  Lady Wyndham, wife of Sir Charles Wyndham, died in London yesterday at the age of 79.   She was the daughter of Mr. J. Silberrad and granddaughter of Baron Silberrad, of Hesse-Darmstadt, and married Sir Charles Wyndham in 1860.
LONDON   21 Feb 1916                         Probate
WYNDHAM, dame Emma, of Hyde Park Hotel, Knightsbridge, Middlesex (wife of sir Charles Wyndham knight) died 12 January 1916, Probate, London, 21 February, to Minnie Blanche Bower (wife of George Spencer Bower), and Howard James Wyndham, lieutenant, H.M. Army.   Effects £1,630 12s. 5d.

(2nd Wife)

Mary Moore   (Mary Charlotte Albery)   1861-1931
Mary Charlotte Moore was born on 3 July 1861, the daughter of Charles Moore and Haidee Sophia Ackland, in London. She first married James Albery in 1878. He passed away in 1889. Mary was an actress, with the stage name of Mary Moore. Read her Obituary (See below) for details of her life.

I have not identified any children.

1 Mar 1916
Charles Wyndham (79)
Mary Charlotte Albery (54)
The Register Office, Cherlsey, Surrey         1916 1Q Chertsey 2a 145
Widower, Knight, Queen's Hill, Sunningdale, Chobham, Father: Richard Culverwell (Deceased), M.D.
Widow, Queen's Hill, Sunningdale, Chobham, Father: Charles Moore (Deceased), Parliamentary Agent
By License, Wit: Laura M. Waleelow, H. S. Withy

Sir Charles Wyndham
His Obituary
His Funeral
Died 12 Jan 1919, Age 81,       1919 1Q Marylebone 1a 871
at his home, 43 York Terrace, Regents Park, London
Burial: 16 Jan, Hampstead Cemetery

LONDON   4 Apr 1919                         Probate
Wyndham, sir Charles, of 43 York-terrace, Regents Park, Middlesex, knight, died 1919 January 1919, Probate, London, 4 April, to Irving James Albery, gentleman, and Philip Hederwick, solicitor.   Effects £726 18s.

Lady Mary Charlotte (Moore) Wyndham
Her Obituary
Her Funeral
Died 6 Apr 1931, Age 68,       1931 2Q Marylebone 1a 537
At her home, York-terrace, Regent's Park, London

LONDON   5 May 1931                         Probate
WYNDHAM, dame Mary, of 43 York-terrace, Regents Park, Middlesex, widow, died 6 April 1931, Probate London, 5 May, to Irving James Albery, stock exchange member, Bronson James Albery, theatre director, and Wyndham James Albery, chartered accountant.
  Effects £178,428 18s. 5d.   Resworn £161,686 8s. 8d.