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Sir Arthur Colin Curtis                         1858-1898             (1st Husband)
Sir Arthur Colin Curtis, 3rd Baronet of Gatcomb.
Arthur was born about 1858, the second and only surviving son of the late Roger William Curtis, Esq. and Eliza Butler Vicat. Roger William Curtis was the third son of the 2nd baronet, Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, (1786-1869). Arthur Colin Curtis succeeded to the baronetcy of his grandfather, as the 3rd baronet.
Sarah Jessie Dalrymple                       1859-1946
Sarah was born on 26 December 1859, the daughter of Alexander Dalrymple and Fanny Hammond Ponsonby, at St. Vincent, West Indies.
I have identified the following children.
Roger Colin Molyneux Born 12 Sep 1886   London (See his Obit. Below)     Died Jan 1954
Frances Jessie Gladys Born 5 Sep 1882   London Died 3 Feb 1884

Birth of Parents
Arthur Colin Curtis b: abt 1858         Trinidad, West Indies
son of Roger WIlliam Curtis, Esq., and Eliza Butler Vicat

Sarah Jessie Dalrymple b: 26 Dec 1859               St. Vincent, West Indies
daughter of Alexander Dalrymple and Fanny Hammond Ponsonby

26 Oct 1880
Sir Arthur Colin Curtis
Sarah Jessie Dalrymple
London                     1880 4Q Kensington 1a 119

1881 Census RG11-46 4 April 1881 Brompton, Kensington, London
19 Tregunter Road
Arthur Colin Curtis
Sarah Jessie (Wife)
Plus 2 Servants
Age 23
Age 21
Baronet Trinidad
St Vincent
West Indies
West Indies
abt 1858
26 Dec 1859

Frances Jessie Gladys Curtis b: 5 Sep 1882               London       1882 4Q Fulham 1a 258
son of Sir Arthur Colin Curtis and Sarah Jessie Dalrymple
Roger Colin Molyneux Curtis b: 12 Sep 1886               London       1880 4Q Kensington 1a 119
son of Sir Arthur Colin Curtis and Sarah Jessie Dalrymple

1891 Census RG12-883 6 April 1891 Widley, Hampshire
Arthur Colin Curtis
Sarah Jessie (Wife)
Roger Colin M.
Plus 3 Servants
Age 33
Age 30
Age 4
Baronet Trinidad
St Vincent
West Indies
West Indies
abt 1858
26 Dec 1859
abt 1886

The New York Times, Tuesday, Jan 31, 1899

She Asked the Court to Let Her Presume Her Husband Is Dead

  LONDON, Jan 30 - In the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice today, Lady Sarah Curtis applied for leave to presume that the death of her husband, Sir Arthur Colin Curtis, Bart., third Baronet of that name, occurred near Quesnelle, Mud River, British Columbia, while he was on the way to the Klondike.   Evidence was given that he left his party's camp on June 10, 1898, after a disagreement, and has not been seen since.
  The judge thought the application was early, in view of Sir Arthur's death being so recent, but he granted leave, on the precedent being cited.   The estate is valued at £16,000.

The Times, Tuesday, Jan 31, 1899                           LAW
Probate, Divorce,
And Admiralty Division.

In The Matter Of Sir Arthur Colin Curtis,
Presumed Deceased.

  Mr. Barnard, in this case, moved on behalf of Lady Sarrah Jessie Curtis for leave to swear the death of Sir Arthur Colin Curtis, under the following circumstances:
  On October 26, 1880, the parties were married, and there was one child of the marriage, now aged about 12.   Early in 1898 Sir Arthur Curtis joined an expedition which a Mr. Pocock was taking out to the goldfields of British Columbia and Klondike.   On March 3 Sir Arthur made a will in favour of Lady Curtis leaving her his sole executrix.   On March 10 he left Liverpool, on March 27 he arrived at Vancouver where he met Mr. Pocock, and started with his expedition for the goldfields.   On June 4 the expedition left Quesnelle, and four days after encamped on the Mud River.   Some horses strayed, and
most of the party went out to find them, Sir Arthur being left behind in camp to act as cook.   Feeling hurt by some chaffing, in which it was suggested that he had let the Mud River get into the porridge, Sir Arthur asked for an apology and, not receiving one that satisfied him, he appeared to brood seriously over what he considered an insult.   On June 10, at breakfast at 5 a.m., Sir Arthur received a slight apology and about 8 p.m. he lit his pipe and left the camp, and had never been heard of since.   The camp was situated 30 miles from anywhere, Sir Arthur had no food or arms with him, and it was believed that the had lost his way and perished.   Search parties were sent out, and Indians engaged to track any possible traces of Sir Arthur, but no vestige of him was ever discovered.   Letters of an affectionate character had been received by Lady Curtis from Sir Arthur, the last dated only a few days before his dissappearance.   Advertisements had been inserted in various papers to try and discover his whereabouts, but without any success.
  Mr. Justice Gorrell Barnes, on proof of these facts, held that they were sufficient, and granted leave to swear Sir Arthur's death on or since June 10, 1898

Arthur Colin Curtis Died 10 Jun 1898       By Judicial Decree

LONDON   10 Feb 1899                         Probate
CURTIS, Sir Arthur Colin, of Dorking-house, Cosham, Hants, baronet, died on or since 10 June 1898 at ???, probate, London, 10 February, to dame Sarah Jesse Curtis, widow.   Effects £2,210 6s. 11d.

Lt-Col Sir Robert Maziere Brady           1854-1909                     (2nd Husband)
Robert was born about 1854, in Black Rock, Ireland.   He became the 3rd baronet of Hazelbrook (Dublin) on 26 August 1909, inheriting the title from his uncle Sir Francis William Brady.   Robert died the very next month.
I have identified the following children.
  Jessie Elizabeth Maziere Born 7 Jul 1901   Gosport, Hampshire  

Birth of New Husband
Robert Maziere Brady b: 13 Dec 1854         Black Rock, Ireland

abt 1900
Lt-Col Robert Maziere Brady
Lady Sarah Jessie Curtis
London       1900 2Q St Geo Han Sq 1a 1012

1901 Census RG13-1013 1 April 1901 Alverstoke, Hampshire
District Rowner Fort with Married Quarters
Robert Maziere Brady
Sarah Jessie (Wife)
Age 46
Age 38
Lieut-Col Royal Artillery Ireland
St Vincent

West Indies
abt 1854
26 Dec 1859

Jessie Elizabeth Maziere Brady b: 7 Jul 1901       Fort Bursea, Gosport, Hampshire     1901 3Q Alverstoke 2b 554
daughter of Robert Maziere Brady and Sarah Jessie Curtis         Died 1977 2Q Surrey SW 17 1233

Sir Robert Maziere Brady Died 20 Sep 1909, Age 55,       Surrey       1909 3Q Guildford 2a 58

LONDON   17 Feb 1910                         Probate
BRADY, Sir Robert Maziere, of Newark House, Ripley, Surrey, baronet, died 20 September 1909, Probate London 17 February, to dame Sarah Jesse Brady, widow.
  Effects £68 17s. 5d.

1911 Census RG14-(66) 3 April 1911 Coulsdon, Surrey
Ovingdean, 8 Windermere Road   (6 Rooms)
Sarah Jessie Brady (Widow)
Elizabeth Maziere Brady (Dau)
Roger Colin Malyneux Curtis (Son)
Plus a Governess
Age 50
Age 9
Age 24
Private Means St Vincent
West Indies
26 Dec 1859
7 Jul 1901
12 Sep 1886

Sarah Jessie (Curtis) Brady Died 6 Jul 1946, Age 86,       London       1946 3Q Battersea 5c 14

The Times, Tuesday, Jul 9, 1946                         Death
  BRADY - On July 6, 1946, at a nursing home in London Sarah Jessie, widow of Sir R. M. Brady Bt., Royal Regiment of Artillery.
LONDON   6 Jan 1947                         Probate
BRADY, dame Sarah Jessie, of Pool Cottage, Melbourne, Derbyshire, widow, died 5 July 1946, at 12 Bolingbroke-grove, Battersea, London, Administration London, 6 January, to Sir Roger Colin Molyneux Curtis baronet.   Effects £62 16s. 11d.

Sir Roger Colin Molyneux Curtis Died 7 Jan 1954, Age 67,       1954 1Q N.E. Cheshire 10a 483

The Times, Saturday, Jan 9, 1954                   OBITUARIES
  Sir Roger Curtis, Bt., who has died in a nursing home at Cheadle, Staffordshire, at the age of 67 after a long illness, was for many years a devoted servant of the Board of Education.
  Roger Colin Molyneux Curtis was born on September 12, 1886, the only son of Sir Arthur Curtis, third baronet, who died in 1898.   He graduated from Keble College,
Oxford, and in 1911, joined the Board of Education.   After serving on the inspectorate of schools in the Midlands, in Buckinghamshire, and in Cumberland, he went to South Africa in 1936 as Inspector of Schools in Cape Provence, but returned to this country in the ensuing year to take up the appointment of Inspector of Schools for Derbyshire.   He retired in 1947 and as he was unmarried the title becomes extinct.

LONDON   2 May 1955                         Probate
CURTIS, Sir Roger Colin Molyneux, Baronet, of Pool Cottage, Melbourne, Derbyshire, died 7 January 1954, at Cheadle Royal, Cheadle, Cheshire, Probate London 2 May, to Lloyds Bank Limited.   Effects £4,624 4s. 7d.