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Alfred Augusta Wace                           1845-1931
  Alfred was born on 1 August 1845, the son of Richard Henry Wace and Eulielia Gray, at Goring, Oxfordshire.   He was educated at Eton and Kings College London.
  He passed the entry exam for Indian Civil Service in 1866, and was posted to the Bengal Presidency on 3 December 1868.   He was then posted to District of Nuddea, Assistant Magistrate and Collector; Headquarters Kishnagar; and in charge of Meherpur sub-division from 1869 to 1873.   He was then transferred to Tajpur, Mozufferpur.
  He experienced firsthand the Bengal Famine, and directed relief operations from his headquarters at Poosa from 1874 to 1875, followed by a well deserved, but brief sick-leave back to England.
  Upon his return to India, he married Amy Margaret Dampier, in St Peters Church, Fort William, Calcutta.   He was then appointed Joint Magistrate, first at Bhagulpore in 1876, then in Howrah from 1877 to July 1879.   He was then posted to Suri in Birbhum from July 1879 to 1881, followed by Darjeeling as Deputy Commissioner from 1881 to 1884.   He did manage a "privilege" leave back to England in 1882.   In 1885, he transferred to Baghalpur as Commissioner until 1894, which included a six Month Detachment to Assam Valley as Judicial Commissioner at Gauhati and Shillong in 1890.   He Returned to England, in 1894, and settled in Frant, East Sussex, resigning from Indian Civil Service, on Doctors advice, in September 1895.
Amy Margaret Dampier                      1854-1940
Amy was born on 3 September 1854, the daughter of Henry Lucius Dampier and Charlotte Isabella Lindsay Gouldsbury, at Bhagulpore, Bengal, India.
I have identified the following children.
Leonard Henry Born 10 Apr 1876   Wadhurst, Sussex Married Mary Douglas
Birth of Parents
Alfred Augusta Wace b: 1 Aug 1845  c: 31 Aug 1845             Goring, Oxfordshire
son of Richard Henry Wace and Eulielia Gray

Amy Margaret Dampier b: 3 Sep 1854  c: 25 Sep 1854       Bhagulpore, Bengal, India
daughter of Henry Lucius Dampier and Charlotte Isabella Lindsay Gouldsbury

abt 1875
Alfred Augusta Wace
Amy Margaret Dampier
St Peters Church, Fort William, Calcutta

Leonard Henry Wace b: 10 Apr 1876               Wadhurst, Sussex       1876 2Q Tunbridge 2a 589
son of Alfred Augusta Wace and Amy Margaret Dampier

1901 Census RG13-1981 1 April 1901 Parkstone, Dorset
Henry Lucius Dampier
Charlotte Isabella Lindsay (Wife)
Isabella Grey (Dau) (s)
Alfred Augustus Wace (SonLaw) (M)
Amy Margaret Wace (Dau) (M)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 72
Age 68
Age 36
Age 55
Age 46
Indian Civil Svc.

Indian Civil Svc.
abt 1828
abt 1832
abt 1864
1 Aug 1845
3 Sep 1854
Charlotte Isabella Lindsay Dampier Died abt 1907, Age 74,           1907 1Q Poole 5a 203

LONDON   13 Apr 1907                         Probate
DAMPIER, Charlotte Isabella Lindsay, of "Fairholm", Parkstone, Dorsetshire (wife of Henry Lucius Dampier), died 22 February 1907, Probate London 13 April, to the said Henry Lucius Dampier, esquire C.I.E.
  Effects £8,619 1s. 5d.   Resworn £9,299 1s. 5d.
1911 Census RG14-22 3 April 1911 Pennington, Hampshire
Yaldhurst, Lymington   (15 Rooms)
Arthur Forbes)
May Grace (Wife)
Elsie Margaret Gunion (Niece)
Alfred Augustus Wace (Visitor)
Amy Margaret Wace (Wife)(Visitor)
Plus 3 Servants
Age 67
Age 61
Age 22
Age 65
Age 56
Retired Civil Serv.

Retired Civil Serv.

abt 1843
abt 1849
abt 1874
1 Aug 1845
3 Sep 1854

Alfred Augusta Wace Died 7 Oct 1931, Age 86,     Tunbridge Wells       1931 4Q Ticehurst 2b 141
Burial: at Wadhurst, Sussex

The Times, Friday, Oct 9, 1931                         DEATHS
  WACE - On October 7, 1931, at Ford House, Tunbridge Wells, Alfred Augusta Wace, (I.C.S.), fourth son of the late Rev. R. H. Wace, of Hill House, Wadhurst, Sussex, aged 86.   Funeral, Wadhurst, 2:30 today (Friday).
LONDON   7 Dec 1931                         Probate
WACE, Alfred Augustus, of 8 Frant-road, Tunbridge Wells, died 7 October 1931, Probate London 7 December, to Amy Margaret Wace, widow, and Leonard Hrny Wace, farmer.   Effects £1,849 7s. 1d.

Amy Margaret (Dampier) Wace Died 8 Aug 1940, Age 85,     Tunbridge Wells       1940 3Q Tonbridge 2a 2211

The Times, Saturday, Aug 10, 1940                       DEATHS
  WACE - On Aug. 8, 1940, at 25 St. James Road, Tunbridge Wells, Amy Margaret, widow of Alfred Augusta Wace, I.C.S., and eldest daughter of Henry Lucius Dampier, C.I.E., aged 85.
BLANDFORD   2 Nov 1940                         Probate
WACE, Amy Margaret, of 25 St. James-road, Tunbridge Wells, widow, died 8 August 1940, Probate Blandford, 2 November, to Leonard Henry Wace, of no occupation.   Effects £466 2s. 6d.