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Alfred Hutton Radice                           1873-1968
Alfred was born about 1873, the son of Alberto Hampden Radice and Adele Visetti, in Naples, Italy.
Sheila Alice Mackintosh Jamieson      1882-1960
Sheila was born about 1882, the daughter of Alister William Jamieson and Geraldine Alice D'Aguilar, in British India.
I have identified the following children.
Anthony Alister Hutton Born 8 Apr 1914   Hampshire Married Anthea Mulso Guillaume
Iona Hutton Born 5 Jul 1917    

Birth of Parents
Alfred Hutton Radice b: abt 1873               Naples, Italy
son of Alberto Hampden Radice and Adele Visetti

Sheila Alice Mackintosh Jamieson b: abt 1882         British India
daughter of Alister William Jamieson and Geraldine Alice D'Aguilar

1891 Census RG12-1248 6 April 1891 St. Peter, Bedfordshire
27 de Pavy Avenue
Arthur Talbot
and family
Alfred H. Radice (Boarder)
Plus 15 other Student Boarders
Age 39

Age 17
Chemistry Lecturer


Naples Italy

(Brit. Subject)
abt 1851

abt 1873

The Times, Thursday, Dec 21, 1911                         DEATHS

Captain A. H. Radice And Miss S. Jamieson
  A marriage had been arranged between Captain A. H. Radice, 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, and Sheila, younger daughter of Colonel Alister Jamieson, Indian Army (Retired).

abt 1913
Alfred Hutton Radice
Shiela Alice Mackintosh Jamieson
      1913 2Q Portsmouth 2b 931

The Times, 4 Nov 1914
Captain A. H. Radice has been hopitilized from battle wounds at the Hon. Mrs. Burn's Hospital for Officers, Stoodley Knowle, Torquay.

Anthony Alister Hutton Radice b: 8 Apr 1914           Hampshire           1914 2Q Alton 2c 372
son of Alfred Hutton Radice and Shiela Alice Mackintosh Jamieson
Iona Hutton Radice b: 5 Jul 1917       Danington, Camberley               1917 3Q Farnham 2a 183
daughter of Alfred Hutton Radice and Shiela Alice Mackintosh Jamieson

The Times, Saturday, Jul 7, 1917                         BIRTHS
  RADICE - , On the 5th July, at Danington, Camberley, the wife of Major Alfred Hutton Radice, Gloucestershire Regiment (temp Lt.-Colonel, S. Wales Borderers) - a daughter (Iona Hutton).

The Times, 6 Mar 1923
Lt.-Col. A. H. Radice, Retired with pay, late The Gloucestershire Regiment, has been awarded The Order of the Crown of Italy, for distinguished service rendered during the War of 1914-1919.

Sheila Alice Mackintosh (Jamieson) Radice Died 20 Nov 1960, Age 78,       1960 4Q Cheltenham 7b 329

The Times, Tuesday, Nov 22, 1960                         DEATHS
  RADICE - On 20 November, 1960, Sheila, wife of Lt.-Col. Alfred Hutton Radice, D.S.O., of Cleeve Hill Hotel, Cheltenham.   Funeral at St. Peter's Church, Wootton, Boars Hill, Oxford, on Saturday, 26th November, at 12 noon.   Flowers to Elliston & Cavell, Ltd., Oxford.
LONDON   21 Feb 1961                         Probate
RADICE, Sheila Alice Mackintosh, of The Clive Hill Lotel, Cleev Hill, Cheltenham, and care of The National Provincial Bank Limited, 1 Princess Street, London (Wife of Alfred Hutton Radice), died 20 November 1960, at Sandown Lawn Nursing Home, Cheltenham, Probate London 21 February, to the said Alfred Hutton Radice D.S.O., retired lieutenant colonel H. H. army, and Iona Hutton Radice, spinster.   Effects £3,702 6s. 9d.

The Times, Monday, Nov 21, 1960                OBITUARIES
Mrs. Sheila Radice

  Mrs. Sheila Radice, who died yesterday in a Cheltenham nursing home, was for many years an assistant editor of The Times Educational Supplement.   She was a regular contributor to it's columns but her services were not confined to the act of writing for she had an aptitude for editorial organization which was of the greatest value to the supplement and it's creator and editor, G. S. Freeman (1879-1938).
  She was the younger daughter of Colonel Alister Jamieson, I.A., F.G.S., and came of old army families on both sides.   In her own generation the tradition had been kept up; her brother, Major G. A. Jamieson, died of wounds received in Mesopotamia in 1916; her sister was the wife of Major General Sir Jocelyn Percy, of Albanian Fame.   Like many junior members of Service families, she had passed her time between England and stations abroad, and (like her father before her) had, wherever she was, written for the press.
  In 1913, her marriage to Captain A. H. Radice (Later Lieutenant-Colonel A. H. Radice, D.S.O.) fixed her at home, and in 1914 came the war.   Her coming to Printing House Square, early in the year of the Armistice, was, by way of war work, the war having depleted newspaper staffs.   What she found there - in particular the tradition
of teamwork by many experts, and no claiming of credit by this expert or that - attracted her strongly.   She had a family to educate, and after the war, when many wartime workers went back to their ordinary avocations, she stayed.   When she left Printing House Square, in 1940, she she had been at work for nearly a quarter of a century, at the same time bringing up her growing family outside London - from the beginning of their university years near Oxford, where she built a house, well known in subsequent years to people from many types and grades of schools who visited her there.   Some of her friends remember seeing Dr. Maria Montessori, the Italian educator, who was staying at her house, trying to fathom the English Scout movement, sitting upon a log in a woodland clearing while the local schoolmaster demonstrated to a circle, of which she was one, how not to blunt an axe.
  With Dr. Montessori Mrs Radice wrote The New Children, bringing out the principle strongly held by both that while education should be conservative, maintaining our cultural heritage, the administration of education should be liberal.   Her other publications included Not All Sleep (1938), a life of James Hammond, the poet.   She was joint founder - with Lieutenant General Sir William Furse - of the Public School Careers Association and was for seven years its honorary secretary.

Lt.-Col. Alfred Hutton Radice, D.S.O. Died 4 Apr 1968, Age 94,       1868 2Q Cheltenham 7b 306

The Times, Saturday, Apr 6, 1968                         DEATHS
  RADICE - On April 4th, 1968, Lt.-Col. Alfred Hutton Radice, D.S.O., Aged 94 years, late Gloucestershire Regiment, Father of Anthony and Iona Radice.   The funeral service will take place at St. Peter's Church, Wootton, Boar's Hill, Oxford, on Tuesday, 9th April, at 12 noon.   Flowers may be sent to the church.